(JOYIR) Women's backpack tote bag hung diagonally bag 3way leather natural leather Red

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brand: (JOYIR)

color: Red


  • ☑ backpack Specifications: Size Length: 27 (cm) Vertical: 29 (cm) thick: 13 (cm) Weight: 730 (g) Material: Natural leather /stainless steel alloy (strap, zip) fastener pocket x4, mobile smartphone purse pocket x2 opening:. magnetic button
  • ☑ Use:. Day-to-day outing, school, commuting, is also applied students and working people, is the variety of storage utility firm bag with stylish design It is surprising effect when it is a gift (^ _ ^ )
  • against ☑ Quality:!! Honpo products professional staff before shipment will reach you from checking one by one politely to Your hand Honpo can be replaced when there is dissatisfaction in the product within 30 days, which was purchased from (JOYIR) Purchased three months within damaged poor quality, failure, I will repay If you have If you have torn! Come Buy Do not worry m (_ _) m
  • ☑ Luc Details:. Mobile smartphone Put Prepare two pockets (useful made small cosmetic storage such as Rouge) open mouth compact design with excellent storability in Documents, textbooks, notebooks, cosmetics, lunch box, plastic bottles, mobile smartphone, Ipad tablet, folding umbrella, wallet, day-to-day accessories all housed without any problem! Inner zipper pocket built in the backpack, train, bus, also riding a bicycle, protects firmly the important things. 3way handbag bag in the design of the one-shoulder bag both freely convertible, compatibility is perfect in any clothes and style conversion.
  • ☑ on the material: This product is dealing with a natural leather imported from Italy, I have been sewing, you will gloss by the leather surface in accordance with the flow of hours to be used (Please note:. This product there is a possibility that the case fade dipping been wet with a large amount of water which has been made of natural leather; because this leather new is also available if you are smeared smell of leather, the former leather of, please understand that it is not in any way defective in characteristic)

EAN: 7591248848927

packing size: 11.7 x 11.7 x 4.1 inches