14-sheet set Ins popular cute nail seal children adult nail sticker green materials flower / strawberry / fruit / rainbow, etc.

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brand: DuoReSu


  • adopted the eco material, if there is no safety stimulated, children and pregnant women will be able to use
  • Ins popular style, there are a variety of species Deliverable such as flower/strawberry/fruit/rainbow/cactus/heart.
  • popular nail art seal, styling is pretty diverse, and easy to DIY their own nails, - let's enjoy together with your friends
  • I are all very beautiful in every single
  • fingernail, transparent adhesive nail art sticker 14-sheet set of perfect at the tip of the toenail

Publisher: DuoReSu

Details: - in the popular design, the cheapest price of all the love beauty fried. You can use the
-UV nail - easy to paint in natural and artificial nails.
- without the need for painting, you do not need to be heated.
- the number's achievements within minutes - removal is easy, you can change the design at any time.
also can use at home or nail salon, it is recommended as a gift. When you paste in
the right way, our sticker lasts a long time, you can keep the luster.

Size: 9.5 x 6.3cm
quantity: 14 sheets

how to use
1. paint nail polish until dry.
2. Clean the surface of the nail.
3. Peel off lightly from the base paper with a pair of tweezers.
4. Paste to nail design, please press for a few seconds pattern.
5. pattern is covered with transparent nail.

used to nail that remains uncured gel is attached and does not fit the curve of the weak nails adhesive force. Please be careful.

EAN: 6086886036788

packing size: 5.4 x 5.0 x 0.5 inches