1 box dry flower pattern natural deco material nail parts for pressed flowers 12 colors gel nail, such as race

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brand: Soul Love


  • such as race, such as fine petal is the dried flowers of the distinctive quality wedding or special day, appropriate for when you want colorful than usual gorgeous, you can spend the day in a more happy feelings . Since you are using natural materials, you will want to looking at with a different one by one facial expression. Guests can enjoy a feminine and elegant atmosphere just fill in the gel.
  • a professional manicurist, who enjoy a gel nail in the nail salon and self, is an item of also high professional Warrant evaluation from handmade artists. Also in trend from the ease of use is the dried flowers that are used in many basic.

Publisher: Soul Love

Details: Contents: 1 box nail Deco How to use: as shown in the photo

EAN: 8581700988376