(UNITED) roll-top bag M † 13326996161 0900 BLACK (09) FREE

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color: BLACK (09)

Features: < /b>

  • SIZE: FREE width: 37.0cm height: 45.0cm Machi: 11.0cm

details: roll- top bag using pig leather. In texture is a feature of the softness in one tailoring, there is also a convenience marked with one pocket on the inside. Versatility and who can change the silhouette in accordance with the capacity, from hand-held by adjusting the shoulder belt until the shoulder, also attractive can be used for different scene. ※ This image is we have a shot in the sample. Some specifications may vary. The occasion of your inquiry to the store, please tell us the following product name /. part number to the whole country of UNITED ARROWS each store Name: UAST ROLL BAG M part number: 1332-699-6161

packing size: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches < /p>