(UNITED) Slim Tote 13326996252 6700 OLIVE (67) FREE

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color: OLIVE (67)

Features: < /b>

  • SIZE: FREE width: 32.0cm height: 37.5cm possession: 53.0cm

details: neat smart portrait form of slim tote bag. Opening has a out easily simple structure, it can also be a shoulder since Set a longer handle. Use a matte texture of the material, you have to design a color that makes you feel calm seems to adult men . The occasion of your inquiry to the store, please tell us the following product name /part number to the whole country of UNITED ARROWS each store Name:. UASB PU SLIM TOTE 1 part number: 1332-699-6252

< p> packing size: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches