(UNITED) TOTE L 13325995924 0100 WHITE (01) FREE

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color: WHITE (01)

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  • SIZE: FREE width: 32.0cm height: 36.5cm Machi: 8.5cm possession: 18.5cm

details: smooth surface and minimalist tote bag stripped-down waste shiny. Larger size which can respond also to the A4 is capable of a wide range of applications. Moderate gore width is also attractive. The handle is a neat impression in the making of small size. So we leave the leather material original atmosphere, it will be exhibited features with the leather in each knock down. bag brand harness manufacturer-born designer of Japan was created by taking advantage of the harness of technology. "PIENI" means small in Finnish. All of the steps, sewing number of times, has been designed as a brand role of that to represent the minimal in size, and the like. The occasion of your inquiry to the store, please tell us the following product name /part number to the w . Hole country of UNITED ARROWS each store Name: PIENI TOTE L Part Number: 1332-599-5924

packing size: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches