(UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing) [Targ] SCTERG daypack 32324991068 7900 NAVY (79) FREE

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brand: UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing (UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing)

color: NAVY (79)


  • SIZE: FREE width: 33.0cm height: 48.5cm Machi: 16.0cm

details :. TERG (Targ) daypack is a daypack that Helinox (helicopter Knox), Inc. is the pursuit of ease of use in daily use Asymmetrical zipper and, devised at the bottom of the way Bing belt, not grated the pack, to retrieve the luggage placed in easily. In addition, there are upper and rear-bottom zip pocket also ease of use ◎. ■ TERG (Targ) TERG (Targ) is the abbreviation of "Trial and Error Research Group", is a team that is committed to the search for new products and design in Helinox (helicopter Knox) ​​company. From the experience and development technology of TERG (Targ) Helinox to develop a lightweight products to take advantage of the latest outdoor Technology (helicopter Knox), with innovative features and design, in the developme . Nt of products that are of value to everyday life push forward to have The occasion of your inquiry to the store, please tell us the following product name /part number to the whole country of green label relaxing each store Name:. SC ★★ TERG DAY PACK part number: 3232-499-1068

packing size: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches