(UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing) [in the case] NM INCASE LITE backpack 32325991081 0900 BLACK (09) FREE

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brand: UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing (UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing)

color: BLACK (09)


  • SIZE: FREE width: 33.4cm height: 47.8cm Machi: 11.8cm

details :. was launched in 1997 in "a better experience through good design (a better experience through good design)," the theme "INCASE (in case)" PC or smart phone, a digital camera, the brand has developed a bag or case for the audio player and a variety of digital gadgets. Reprinted backpack that was the past masterpieces to the base. The necessary part while put firmly interlining, finish aimed at weight reduction omitted waste. Of course, in the town youth, . it is also recommended to the business scene Studio NO:. 37193021 in order to receive the guidance guarantee for the proof of purchase, you must show proof of purchase at the dealer or an authorized distributor of INCASE Invoice, etc. because it is the authorized dealer, please ke . Ep your things to be a proof of purchase The occasion of your inquiry to the store, please tell us the following product name /part number to the whole country of green label relaxing each store Name:. NM INCASE LITE BP part number: 3232 -599-1081

packing size: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches