(Porter) PORTER 3way briefcase shoulder bag backpack [TIME / Time] 1. Black

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brand: PORTER (Porter)

color: 1. Black


  • Horizontal 42 × 30 × vertical gusset 9 (pocket including) cm ※ official [possession] 32cm [shoulder strap] 79 ~ 140cm (removable) [Luc belt] ~ 88cm
  • Table: Cordura (R) nylon twill back: Naironokkusu 1,245g
  • PORTER (Porter)
  • 3way briefcase
  • 1. Black

Details: while very good in terms of strength was also used a lightweight original nylon twill fabric, [TIME /time] series. Corresponding to the various business scene stocks such as Bags, Accessories & carry, has become a popular business line. 3WAY type of business bag appeared using a lightweight original nylon material in terms of strength. Because it uses the full-open opening and closing, wide it can be opened and closed like a suitcase. Furthermore, in addition to it is how to hold in accordance with the handbag, shoulder-Luc and the scene, so also is equipped suitcase setup function, perfect for such short-term business trip! Or subjected to a Teflon-coated with a high water repellency, antifouling effect, is a high-spec bag that does not at all compromise, such as providing a different PC · tablet pocket height. Product Overview: [main] opening double zipper outside /backpack belt storage pocket × 1 zipper pocket × 1 (open pocket × 1 in) Inside /zipper pocket × 1 Velcro pocket × 2 pen inserted × 2PC storage padded pocket × 1 (B4 size) open pocket × 1 ※ can be set up in the suitcase ※ with a hook strap bundling handle

packing size: 18.7 x 16.2 x 3.0 inches