(Porter) PORTER 3way business bag shoulder bag backpack [flash] 2. Navy

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brand: PORTER (Porter)

color: 2. Navy


  • Horizontal 28.5 × 40 × vertical gusset 11cm ※ manufacturers official reference [shoulder strap] ~ 120cm (removable) [belt] ~ 94cm (removable storage Allowed)
  • Table: Naironokkusu (Back: Teflon (R) fabric protector processing) (Back: urethane coating) (polyester cotton bonding process) Back: polyester ripstop taffeta (surface: Shiray processing and water-repellent) 1000g
  • PORTER (Porter)
  • FLASH (flash) /3way business bag briefcase shoulder bag backpack
  • 2. Navy

Details: was subjected to water-repellent in the outer, also pay attention to the material, which was also involved in weight reduction! Finished the basic design while incorporating the details of the military in strategic points, [FLASH /flash] series that have a familiarity from any layer. Available in unisex in it to have a rounded bag of form, introduction of casual business bag. In the handbag, shoulder, backpack 3WAY bag how to hold the three ways can be, you can choose the most appropriate style depending on the scene! In addition, since subjected to a water-repellent on the surface materials and the cloth both, of the order of light rain water is no problem. In addition, as there is no sense of incongruity also have to horizontally or vertically oriented, was involved maximum also on the arrangement of the pocket and zipper! Product Overview: [Main] opening zipper outside /zipper pocket × 2 (of which one is open pocket × 2 inside, pen inserted × 1,1 one partition Yes zipper pocket × 1 in) backpack belt storage zipper pocket × 1 inside /zipper pocket × 1 accessory /shoulder strap × 1 ※ possession bundling the hook & Velcro strap Yes

packing size: 16.9 x 13.4 x 2.3 inches < /p>