(Porter) PORTER 2way waist bag backpack [trip] 623-06533 2. Gray

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brand: PORTER (Porter)

color: 2. Gray


  • rucksack: Horizontal 28 × 47 × vertical gusset 12.5cm [belt] ~ 91cm waist bag: horizontal 28 × vertical 17.5 × Machi 12.5cm [belt] ~ 127cm
  • Table: 210 denier ripstop nylon (urethane processing some cotton bonding) 405g /14L
  • PORTER (Porter)
  • TRIP (trip) /2way waist bag backpack
  • 2. Gray

Details: from the porch class to carry case, align all of the bag required for the travel scene - TRIP /trip] series. In particular, assuming a violent scene of the movement emphasizes the lightness and strength, adopting the excellent nylon in abrasion resistance and tear strength! Bag, etc. can be stored in bags and compact large shape changes, the functionality of the height is popular. Width of use is expanded depending on the idea! 2way bag waist bag and backpack has become integrated! Top backpack, the bottom has become a waist bag, as one of the bag by connecting of course, also can be separated depending on the application. In addition, Luc belt will Seoe comfortable hard to stuffiness since has become mesh. It is firmly an item which is excellent in convenience of adopting the ripstop nylon fabric was determined lightness among the durable fabric that was. Product Overview: [main] opening double zipper [backpack] B5 file corresponding outside /zipper pocket × 2 (of which one zipper pocket × 1 in) [waist bag] B6 file corresponding outside /zipper pocket × 1 inside /zipper pocket × 1

packing size: 18.8 x 14.5 x 1.3 inches