(Polo Ralph Lauren) POLO Ralph Lauren Men's muffler cap set reversible scarf wool 0108735-433GREEN [parallel import goods]

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brand: POLO RALPH LAUREN (Polo Ralph Lauren)

color: 433 GREEN


  • SCARF/Length: about 170cm Width: about 25cm
  • NO SIZE Length: about 165cm longitudinal width: about 25cm

Details: Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren, reversible wool scarf and a set of knit cap. Reversible wool and nylon soft body in one point of the pony embroidered scarf of a blend of. Black and gray merino wool of a set of rib knit cap. SCARF: MADE IN ITALY 80% VIRGIN WOOL 20% NYLON HAT: MADE IN CHINA 100% WOOL (MERINO) NO SIZE SCARF/Length: about 170cm width: on the characteristics of about 25cm * material, there is an error in the actual value. * Wrapping, such as special packaging are not accepted.

packing size: 12.2 x 10.2 x 1.3 inches