(Fredrick Packers) FREDRIK PACKERS Seirinkoshi bespoke POLARTEC DAYPACK LIGHT daypack light Polartec backpack backpack (BLACK)

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brand: Fredrik Packers (Fredrick Packers)

color: Black


  • ● size W30cm x H41cm x D17cm
  • ● is a daypack of Polartec material HijiriRin bespoke. In and was the touch Mokomoko, is a warm material ish winter also to the eye. This backpack perfect for easy-to-use size feeling usually go out. The waist is equipped with a belt, also easy to move functionally excellent.

Details:. REDRIK PACKERS --- attracted Fredrick Packers --- selected materials in Japan, has been made with all handmade A material of construction of FREDRIK PACKERS unique, has achieved . a comfortable use and unique design

packing size: 18.5 x 15.2 x 1.2 inches