(Diesel) DIESEL Women's 2WAY denim backpack X06583P2085 UNI indigo blue T6067

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brand: DIESEL (Diesel)

color: indigo blue

Details: part number: X06583P2085
Product name:.. SPYNEA

yet simple, plump three-dimensional border and casually emerges "DIESEL" logo is cool "KUB8" group of impression It has adopted the iconic denim "SPYNEA "is a design that has been updated tend to back pack will be casual to clean mood. While minimalist looks, firmly gore has been arranged, it can accommodate what you need to go out. The inside slide pockets decorated, is a specification that also carry such as a laptop and documents. A removable shoulder strap, backpack style, makes active in 2WAY as handbags. Because the zipper pull of with a key ring, OK also to customize the special with a larger strap. From casual sweat style, until . the jacket Corde big silhouette, is an item that will add spice to a wide range of coordination

EAN: 8056594092657

packing size: 14.6 x 14.2 x 6.3 inches < /P>