(Diesel) DIESEL men's watch Quartz analog DZ4525 DZ452500QQQ UNI A 01

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brand: DIESEL (Diesel)

Publisher: DIESEL (Diesel)

Details: & lt; /b & gt; part number:. DZ452500QQQ
Product name: GRIFFED that M Quartz analog

industrial elements and sophisticated design has been MIX in perfect balance Clip that has been inspired from the roll bar, it wraps a polarizing crystal dial sparkling in beautiful shape of the case and the rainbow colors, plus the industrial aesthetics, such as speak brand DNA to the looks. Color ring that has been raised together in a two-tone gold × black will produce the dramatic and arms yuan .

EAN: 8056594834462

packing size: 5.6 x 4.3 x 3.9 inches