(Diesel) DIESEL Men's logo printed Square backpack X05886P1730 UNI indigo blue H4865

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brand: DIESEL (Diesel)

color: indigo blue


  • Country of origin: China

details: part number: X05886P1730
Product name: VOLPAGO BACK

"tHIS bAG iS nOT a TOY (= this bag is not a toy)" bag group that diesel seems playful is rice that. Backpack square silhouette with a denim fabric which has been subjected to diesel of technical bleach treatment "VOLPAGO BACK" is appeared. Long favorite denim a unique design features, such as a remake to bag yourself. Place the DIESEL logo and the Mohawk motif on the front, plus the accent. Only added to the usual coordination, it will be updated to dress drifting street mode feeling.

EAN: 8055511416361

packing size: 20.2 x 17.3 x 2.4 inches