(Diesel) DIESEL men's mix material backpack X06615P0184 UNI indigo blue H1191

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brand: DIESEL (Diesel)

color: indigo blue

Details: part number: X06615P0184
Product name:. MAROSTIK

diesel of "SKOOLD" series of iconic material, elaborate design with a one-Wosshudenimu and coated denim to nylon material and mix On casually number of iconic of tobacco stitching and DSL logo and brand establishment year reminiscent of denim pants "1978". It is rugged silhouette appeared rather new feeling is back pack "MAROSTIK". In addition to the main compartment, such as the front pocket and back of the zipper, is . an excellent backpack of quickly accessible specification is packed in luggage

EAN: 8056594092381

packing size: 19.4 x 15.4 x 7.3 inches