Dasshingude I Bas gloss gel nail strip DASHING DIVA Gloss Gel Nail Strip DGNP01-DURY + Original Gel nail seal Rosy # 01 Dot Skirt

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brand: Dashing Diva


  • dashingdiva magic press 2500 million units sold! Worldwide
  • from Korea stick Popular only of gel nails chip (seal Tsuketsume nail)
  • simple and also recommended, such as bridal in cute design
  • products in the nail of parts can be further customized to gel chip We are also sold separately.
  • You can fully cover the scene, such as wedding receptions coming-of-age ceremony Christmas.
    • Publisher: DURYJAPAN

      Details: Gel Nail seal

      EAN: < b> 8809579164845

      packing size: 5.9 x 4.1 x 0.0 inches