(Our review) WEGO Bespoke Reebok logo backpack F black

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brand: WEGO (our review)

color: Black

Features: & lt; /p & gt;

  • vertical 46cmx horizontal 26cmx gusset 15cm
  • The number of pockets: 6 (outside 5 /inside 1)
  • weight: 460g

Details: [Reebok] while back pack mono tone color of the popular sports brand Reebok (Reebok), the front of the brand logo will be the accent of easy to wear. Equipped with a pocket on the outside, functionality and storage of the doubles aligned design is attractive. By adopting the entrance of the two-layer, also features able sorted according to the application. In addition, by adopting the ZIP on the back, also happy point easy to take out the luggage of the bottom. To fit on the back with a soft pad that has entered the shoulder portion, is a human product fatigue even if it use it for a long time. Difficult also depend on the trend, you can patronize long across the year. Since able to use your unisex regardless of gender, for yourself, of course, it is also recommended for the present. ※ actual product specifications, processing, there are times when size is slightly different. -Reebok (Reebok) - Reebok, praised the efforts of all those who live life to pursue every day fitness, we support. That the pursuit of fitness is simply not only in moving the body, to enhance their own ability, to become a stronger person mentally, means that you have a strong will. Fitness, to renew our lives, again . staring at yourself, there is a power to promote the growth of as human beings

EAN: 4550224159979

packing size: 18.3 x 12.7 x 2.9 inches